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Tradesift is an innovative piece of software designed to provide robust and consistent analysis of trade and trade-policy choices without the need for complex, expensive models or highly qualified economists or consultancies.

Tradesift was conceived following a request from the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to develop a tool so that international trade policy could be analysed by their desk officers without complicated tools and expensive resources.

Catalyst originally supported Tradesift through Bridget, whose role was to offer business support services to the Tradesift team including training, logistics, data management and client communication. Leah further supported Tradesift by creating a database of relevant press contacts and journalists to invite to their product launch event.


Creating a long list of potential media targets [covering Education, Trade and International Relations] from the Precise UK press database and ensuring all data was up-to-date allowed Leah to handover to PR specialist Joseph, who contacted the relevant parties regarding the event.

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