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ThanksBox provide communication tools for the modern workplace. These help leaders understand their people better than ever before while giving employees a voice and a platform that captures and understands their value. 
Through recognition and ideation companies can better nurture positive culture and make informed, supported decisions that affect their workforce.

Catalyst initially conducted insight interviews with decision makers of large organisations to ascertain their practices surrounding engagement, recognition and managing workforce ideation. This involved how they measured it and what they found to be most and least effective as well as any difficulties they experienced.
This helped ThanksBox to understand the space their innovation fit into, what the target customers desired and what needs were under-served by current solutions, as well as providing an enviable system to get introductions to the decision makers of these large organisations. 
Up to 70 interviews have been carried out with at least 65 introductions, the intention remains to reach 250 interviews before the publication of a white paper.

The success of this project, as well as the insight the Catalyst member gained into the industry led to them getting taken on by ThanksBox, with responsibilities expanding into data analytics, product development and business development.

An example of how ThanksBox helps management better understand the performance and relationships of employees.

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