One Week at Catalyst

If I could describe my first week at Catalyst in two words, I would say it’s been ‘dynamically-engaging’.

To be honest, my experience of Catalyst began right from the interview stage where I got to meet Eva, Amy, Simon and Nigel. The mix of professionalism and being ‘down-to-earth’ made them relatable and much easier to speak to. My excitement from the interviews, led me back to the website where I scanned through everything… And I really do mean everything! I read through the profiles of every team member, I read through projects, read through blog posts and the anticipation only grew further from there. Both the people and the projects seemed exciting, and I wanted to be part of the team even more.

A few months later I got to meet other members of the Catalyst team where we worked on our first ever project together “The Hobgoblin Escape Room”. It was a memorable night of hard work and good fun. As the seasons changed, and the months rolled by, I began counting down. My expectations had risen, and my excitement could be felt from across the room.

Finally, I resumed my first day of work and was welcomed by Simon and Kelly. It was lovely seeing familiar faces as we spent most of the day together in induction sessions. I got to learn a lot more about Catalyst, Sussex Innovation, and the projects I would be working on.

The days after matched my expectations and kept rolling by very quickly.

It’s been dynamic as each day continues to be different from the other. From my first day, I could tell no day was going to be the same and that’s one thing that’s been right; the plethora of clients that I get to work with are so different and range across various sectors, from healthcare to social enterprise to the afro-music industry; Talk about a mix and match.

It’s been engaging as I’ve gotten the chance to dig in to work from day 1. Each project keeps you on your toes and requires a different version of you. I have been learning both formally and informally from clients, projects and teammates and I am constantly challenged to find better ways of doing things.

Being a part of the team allows me to work on projects that are meaningful and have impact in the larger society. It inspires me to be innovative and creative in approaching situations whilst working with diverse people who have wealth of experience and unique interests. In the words of Louisa May Alcott, “It takes two flints to make a fire,” Luckily for me I’ve got 4 amazing unique flints (teammates) that I work with, and so you can be sure we’re going to light this place (every project) up!

It’s been a great week so far and I look forward to the year ahead.

Here’s to many more dynamically-engaging times!

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