Here's to new beginnings

Setting foot in the New Year in 2021, the fear of Covid-19 pandemic was still looming over our heads. Many economies had lost billions of dollars while some had reached record levels of unemployment. Heading into the last term of my university life, I wondered if I would get employed in the near future.

Fast forward to August 2021, it’s been 2 months that I graduated from the University of Sussex and now was ready to start my first new full-time job at the Sussex Innovation Centre as a business support executive for the Catalyst team. Ecstatic about my first day as after two years of virtual meetings and lectures at the University I was finally going to meet and work with my colleagues in person.

Walking through the huge glass door at the Innovation Centre gave me a sense of excitement as well as butterflies in my stomach. Surrounded by new environment and new people, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone to excel in this role and create a pathway for growth.

Firstly, my managers Simon and Kelly gave me a warm welcome which helped me to calm my nerves and the sense of warmth and inclusivity by the team was impeccable. It was interesting to know about the clients and the work I was going to do commencing next week which ranged from writing reports to preparing financial statements to sales.

I was given my work laptop and my first task was to write a short bio about myself for the catalyst website. On the first day, I had my lunch with my managers and my colleague which was amazing as the fun conversations complemented the lunch perfectly. My first day ended with Kelly showing me around the Innovation centre and introducing me to the extended team.

The work and challenges which the future holds for me doesn’t only interest me, but I am ready and prepared for it. I look forward to learning and progressing while working on different projects from my managers and my colleagues. I have now transformed from the skipping of 9AM lectures to waking up at 6AM to get ready for work. While this is a huge change it’s just a new beginning. To new beginnings!

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