Goodbye, for now

My time as part of the Catalyst Team has been an adventure. In this 12 month period, I have seen the country go into 3 lockdowns, celebrate 2 freedom days and suffer the loss of 1 European trophy that went to Rome. It’s been a true rollercoaster of emotions and isolations, nonetheless an enjoyable one. One that I will continue to remember as I move into the next chapter of my professional career, and one that I will hold on to for the rest of my life. I am confident that I’m not alone in feeling that 2020 has been a year to remember!

Throughout my time at Catalyst I have worked on a wide variety of projects. These have ranged from website development - in response to businesses switching their approach from a physical storefront to a digital one, to copywriting for companies looking to add consumable content to their businesses. These varied projects have allowed me to pick up new skills, challenge myself and meet many great people.

In such a hectic and unpredictable year, the joy I have gotten from working with the Catalyst team has been one of the few stable fixtures that has remained intact since day 1. I am proud to be part of a team that really looks out for each other and shows a care that goes beyond a professional relationship. The support of the team has acted as a backbone in my ability to support the many clients that I was assigned to. The assurance of knowing that if I ever needed help, there would be someone to show-up, goes a long way.

I excelled in some projects, whilst with others I struggled. This was to be expected. The projects I struggled with allowed me to identify my weaknesses and areas for improvement. This was my initial objective when joining the Catalyst team. I was a student coming from a technical background, moving into a business-centered company. Thus, I knew it would be a challenge and that I’d have a lot of learning to do. With all of this considered, it was a challenge I was keen to face. My confidence in my ability to problem solve efficiently supported me in taking hold of the opportunities thrown my way. I believe it’s this confidence that has allowed me to grow, and prove my ability on a variety of projects.

I’ll be walking away from the Catalyst programme with a more diverse skillset, that is no longer restricted to technology. Working so closely with entrepreneurs and innovators has given me an appetite for business. The environment that exists at Sussex Innovation is one that has inspired me to pursue my own endeavours one day. I have already began developing a website design business as a side project, and hope to use a lot of the skills I have garnered at Sussex Innovation to ensure it becomes a success.

Overall my time with the Catalyst team has been amazing. I want to thank the senior team for their unwavering support, I want to wish my fellow Catalyst team 7 members a wonderful career, and to everyone at Sussex Innovation: You are all wonderful, hopefully this is more of a ‘goodbye for now’, so continue to keep up the good work and goodbye, for now.

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