Getting Social Media Savvy

Social media marketing has become an important aspect for most businesses, be it a business promoting its products/services on Instagram or using Twitter or Facebook to increase its online presence. The Catalyst team recently attended Social Media Training with Kerry Watkins from Social for Good at Fox & Bear’s office on 13th November.

The Catalyst team were elated as soon as we entered Fox & Bear’s meeting room as it was situated on the 8th floor with a spectacular view of Brighton. The excitement was building as the day began with a warm cup of coffee and introductions between the Catalyst team and Kerry.

The agenda of the training included developing an impactful content strategy, Facebook and Instagram advertising, and adapting strategies when using different platforms for social media marketing.

Kerry began by introducing the content 360 approach, which generates content ideas by taking a 360 degree view of the business through:

• Talking about the business – The niche of the business, their USP

• Showing behind the scenes – Team cultures, networking events, customer experiences

• Taking a wider view – Updating news from the relevant sector, global issues, statistics

We were now expected to participate in a content challenge, where we had to develop content ideas to use on relevant channels. We were encouraged to create posts that would add value for the consumers. Such as educating, evoking emotion, entertaining by choosing a format like photos, gifs etc. with the help of social media tools like polls, questions etc. This challenge was very helpful as we were able to generate lot of ideas for our current clients.

After a useful content challenge, it was now time for Kerry to address how to use each social platform most efficiently, with different algorithms and context in mind:

  • LinkedIn – One of the best platforms to promote B2B marketing where a marketing strategy is most likely to be successful if a post encourages conversation from the existing network and by using relevant hashtags.

  • Twitter – Fast-moving conversations, news, and updates take prominence here. Posts are most likely to receive engagement if it uses graphic visuals, tagging relevant people and using tweet deck to engage with likeminded people and relevant topics.

  • Instagram – A great platform for community building and social selling, especially with such a huge growth in recent years. A marketing strategy is most likely to be successful by maximizing the hashtag limit (30) for greater reach, engaging with the audience, maintaining brand guidelines, and engaging imagery.

The time flew in – suddenly it was it was lunchtime and we bid goodbye to Kerry after a very insightful session. We had a delicious lunch at Yefsis of Greece on London Road. The lunch included lip smacking Greek delicacies like Souvlaki and Gyros with delicious tzatziki and tahini sauces. This lunch motivated us to take on the social media sales challenge tasked by our managers, Kelly and Simon.

The challenge included pitching Catalyst services to prospective clients through LinkedIn and Instagram in order to generate leads. We were divided into two teams – Team LinkedIn consisting of Meena, Aly and Joe and Team Instagram consisting of Ore, Emi and I. The winner was to be decided through whichever team generated the most leads in a week’s time.

The day came to an end after a fierce competition between the two teams completing their sales pitch on LinkedIn and Instagram. After an eventful day we headed to The Hare and Hounds pub for Friday evening drinks where we all socialized, had loads of fun and reflected on what we learnt from the Social Media Training. All in all it was a fun-filled, exciting day where we not only learnt about content creation but also different social media strategies and marketing techniques.

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