From University Lectures, To The Office!

No more lying in until 11 am, late breakfasts and leaving the house in a pair of jeans; it was time to enter the world of work.

Adapting to work-life was strange at first. As a student, I only had 10 contact hours a week, so I had a lot of free time on my hands. Studying to took up a good amount of this time (honest!) as well as other things such as hobbies, societies etc. Having the freedom to do all of this whenever I wanted was something I greatly enjoyed. At work, it is a bit different, of course, but I personally really like the structure it provides. The first few days led to evenings where I didn’t do much but nap, but after settling in I feel very productive and in a good routine! Considering during lockdown my sleeping pattern went out the window, I feel this is a great achievement. I was still living in Brighton, I had all my University friends around me and my commute still involved getting the 25. (Thankfully no ‘sorry bus full up’ rejections yet).

I was slightly nervous in the beginning with the prospect of office life as I thought I’d be the newbie in a building full of professionals. However, the dynamic of the office has made it easier to adapt as there are others like myself, so I never felt out of place and Simon and Eva are also always on hand to ask questions if I ever feel stuck. It’s a nice environment where on one hand I’m given a lot of responsibility, which I really enjoy, but there’s still that safety net of having management around to provide guidance. It’s a really nice blend, which has helped me get to grips with the 9-5 life.

Working with clients has been less scary than expected! Of course, there is an increased sense of formality in business meetings, but I very quickly realised that all these businesspeople were in fact, normal people. Despite all the innovation and ambition around SINC, our clients are very down to earth and are more than happy to chat about what they do. Working on such a range of tasks with purpose-driven businesses has been really enjoyable and made the transition to working life very pleasant. Another big advantage of working life compared to university is that as a student, once all your classes are finished there’s still plenty more to get on with once coming home. At work, once the clock strikes 5, you are free to do what you like! So this is another pleasant aspect of professional life.

Overall, there has been a jump from student to working life which took some getting used to. However, the location and dynamic of the office have made it much easier settling in into this new chapter of my life and I've thoroughly enjoyed my first month in the Catalyst Team!

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