Change has arrived...

Early mornings had been particularly foreign to me over the past 6 months. Partly because of the lax university lifestyle I had adopted, and partly because coronavirus had me stuck inside for several months. But the day had arrived, August 11th and it was finally time to venture out and start my new job.

I could feel the odd mixture of excitement and nerves before I started. I kept thinking ‘wow, this is really a whole new chapter of my life’. Having only worked part-time in offices before, I was daunted by the idea that I’d be having a real impact on these small businesses. I kept thinking, ‘I don’t even know anything, how am I supposed to help these people?’

Nevertheless, I knew I had places to be. I put on my new dress, ate my bagel, and luckily, got a lift to work. Simon and Eva didn’t give much away before I started so I still had no idea what I would really be getting up to.

Walking up to ONE Croydon, I felt overwhelmed. This building, that has been a recognisable landmark for basically my whole life, was about to be my new workplace. I felt lucky. Simon and Eva met me on arrival. Their friendly characters put me at ease. The onboarding process began, and the excited feelings began to outweigh the nerves. I no longer felt concerned, I felt like “I can do this, and that I am equipped to do this,” and that was a reassuring feeling. I was excited to be a part of something that would be making a real difference.

I was given my laptop and desk and then proceeded to meet what felt like a lot of people. All these of these new faces that I could potentially be working with were welcoming me into their unit. They all recal

led how much of a buzz there used to be in the office before coronavirus. I felt a little sad that I might not be able to experience that buzz while I am here, but my fingers are firmly crossed that it may return at some point.

When the end of the day arrived, I felt accomplished. I had completed my bio, started my blog entry and scheduled in meetings my first 3 projects. It's safe to say I’m feeling more ready than ever to throw myself into this placement. I am excited to see how things will change over the course of my year here.

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