A Welcome Transition

I feel a time that is not always talked about which perhaps we should, is the transition from student life to the 9-5 working week. No one teaches you how to do this, it is simply an accepted reality. I once heard it described in the best way: Up until university, life is a free trial, then you have to pay to play.

Navigating this transition can be a daunting prospect, often being thrown into the deep end with little support after coming out of university and going straight into a corporate environment. Unlike other grad schemes or placements, the Catalyst programme offers a unique and welcoming stepping stone into the world of work, and this was immediately realised on my first day as a Catalyst Business Support Executive.

The best thing about making my way to work was the familiar environment of Sussex campus. The Innovation Centre itself is located just a stones throw away from the school of Law, Politics and Sociology, where I attended most of my seminars during my time as a politics undergraduate. This immediately put any nerves to rest as I entered through the doors of the Innovation Centre and was fired up and ready to go! Upon my arrival I was greeted by the friendly face of Felix, a current member of the outgoing Team 7 and was shown up to the office. Shortly after, I was introduced to my managers, Simon and Kelly.

If there were still any nerves lingering these were immediately defused, as I already had the joy of knowing Simon through the Startup Sussex program in which he was my mentor for my own business venture, however this was our first time meeting in person and was very much long overdue!

After a morning induction, I received my laptop and wrote a short bio for the Catalyst website before sitting down for lunch, in which I discovered myself and Kelly have some surprising connections through a mutual friend (Brighton really is its own small world!)

As much as I know I will miss being a student, the community aspect of the lifestyle on campus and in Brighton will still remain very much intact as I pursue the start of my career on campus at the Innovation Centre, which I don’t think can be said for many workplaces straight out of university. As the first to start on Catalyst Team 8, I can not wait to meet the rest of my colleagues and embrace a new challenge with them in conquering the transition from student to responsible, working adult!

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