Believe You Can Do It and You Are Halfway There: My Time After Six Months With Catalyst

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down and forced businesses to turn to remote working. This has been a necessary solution to carrying on our work safely and productively during this difficult time.

As a new member of the Catalyst Team, it’s been very challenging to adjust to. I believe as human beings, we learn from osmosis; it’s always easier to complete a task with someone sat next to you, as opposed to using Zoom. We’re social beings at the end of the day, and social distancing was never going to be easy for us. Obviously, it is not the ideal scenario, especially when starting a new job.

Working from home comes with several challenges and drawbacks. Despite this, there are many positives I have experienced during my time with the Catalyst Team. We’ve organised regular zoom calls in an attempt to maintain the social aspect of being in the office. We have a regular Catalyst Monday morning catchup, two catch-ups with the whole company during the week and the occasional Friday virtual drinks. These are all great ways for us to stay in touch and continue to build healthy working relationships, despite being in different geographical locations.

I’ve also had to adjust to a new work-life balance as lockdown has meant that most evenings and weekends after work, I am stuck at home. Through this, I have realised there are so many benefits that come from working remotely. There’s always something that you need to be at home for, now that ‘someone’ can be me instead of relying on my poor neighbours all the time E.g. making sure I’m in when the plumber comes and fitting in my chores around my work!

Most of my work at Catalyst has been Website Design and Development, helping clients make adjustments and changes to their business in response to the pandemic. Despite my previous knowledge of website design, it is interesting to work with a variety of clients that all have differing visions for their business and the ideas they want for their websites. I’ve supported The Artisan Bakehouse, Goodman Morris, Atom Ventures, Little Green Van and Sussex Film Office to name a few. It’s required me to be creative in my approach, tapping into my ‘right-brain’ on a more frequent basis! Before joining the Catalyst Team, I was slightly nervous that I wouldn’t be able to excel in my role as I had very little experience in a business-orientated position. It was a new challenge for me, one that I was admittedly unprepared for. However, my attitude was positive and I had a strong self-belief that I would be able to adapt for the role. This confidence is what has helped throughout my journey’ I know that I am not the most knowledgeable about every project I take on, but I certainly prepare to do the necessary work in order to be successful and deliver above client expectations.

Overall, I have been able to explore new skills through a number of training opportunities and projects. I think after six months, I can look back with a smile knowing the belief I had within myself before joining has been justified. I am proud of what I have contributed and even more so excited about what I will be able to take on in the future!

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