A Fresh Start

Awakening on my first day to go to a real life job – it felt like I was still dreaming! After a very unpredictable final year of university ending in lockdown, I was really excited to go back to the University of Sussex campus and begin a new chapter. Friends and family kept asking me how I felt on the run up to starting my job, and all I could answer each time was – “Excited!!” But the day had come and the nerves had decided to set in.

I awoke at 7am and began getting ready, having a good breakfast and making myself look professional – something I hadn’t done since my interview! I was really excited to have a proper routine and structure, to feel like I had a purpose after what felt like a very long summer. I couldn’t wait to start learning again with a hands-on approach, but I was also nervous of slipping up along the way.

Upon arriving at the Innovation Centre a little early (as planned), I got to calm my nerves in the foyer. I couldn’t help but think how lucky I was to be a graduate and have a job in such a pleasant and modern building, with picnic benches outside for the sunny week ahead. Simon and Eva soon welcomed me and began my introductory training. It was a lot to take in but I felt entirely reassured that I would have all the guidance and support that I would need along the way. I couldn’t wait to meet the other team members and find out more about them – as I was the last person to join the team, I hoped to fit in!

At lunch, I joined my team members on the picnic benches and got to know some of them better. Everyone was so friendly, I realized I had nothing to worry about! With my nerves now settled I was ready to give my all to my new projects and felt more excited than ever to get started.

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