Being and Becoming

I knew my student life would expire someday, but I also cannot believe I’m no longer a student. ‘Welcome to adulthood’, they say right?

Catching the train at 8:20am from central London to East Croydon to start my first real full-time job after graduating from university was a bit daunting. Firstly, because student life has made waking up at 7am SO unfamiliar to me and secondly, because the new COVID ‘norm’ left the train rather empty (although I am glad I didn’t experience the morning rush hour that everyone dreads).

The first day nerves had kicked in a week or so before I’d even started, just because I didn’t really know what to expect from a full-time office job, as all my previous roles have been part-time and based on the shop floor. Having completed my degree during a worldwide pandemic, I knew starting a new job during these difficult times would be odd, but I knew it would be something I’d get used to.

I arrived at East Croydon and felt like I was in a completely different part of the country because I’d never seen a tram in my life before! How and when do I cross this thing? My initial thoughts of the office were ‘wow the office is so nice and open plan, this is going to be a great working environment’. Simon and Eva clued me up on the rules and regulations in the induction presentation and handed me my new work laptop. They showed me all the different applications the company uses, which was overwhelming at first but also got me excited about the work I’d be doing in the year ahead. Even though I had met Simon and Eva only once before at the interviews, they were so welcoming, and I’d felt like I’ve known them for so much longer.

From my first day I can already tell I will gain super invaluable knowledge and skills. Having already being assigned tasks which will make a huge impact on start-up businesses, I feel I’m truly becoming a part of the team from day one. From living the student life to working 9-5, I am so glad the transition to so-called ‘adulthood’ seems to be a relatively smooth transition (so far anyway!). After a few admin tasks and some light research tasks, I’ve officially completed my first day as a full-time employee. I am super excited to see what the rest of this year brings!

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