Are you ready?

8th September. Day 1. It feels like a new year. A fresh start.

6:12am. It felt like my alarm clock was screaming at me.

Working from home for around 6 months means if you start at 9am, you can wake up anytime just before 8:30am. A quick breakfast, shower, dressing and jumping on a call. Or, if you are last minute, just before 9am. Being an extrovert, I thrive off in-person communication. So, although this new opportunity and experience was fulfilling, it also showed me something I deeply missed, the office.

7:18am. Breakfast. A mixed berries smoothie, 2 slices of 50/50 toast & porridge. I had done my usual morning routine and now I was putting my clothes on, a shirt, jumper, trousers and my shoes with my throw over jacket. I felt like a new person. I was contemplating if I felt comfortable in this outfit as I am usually a tracksuit or cargo-bottom type of guy when relaxing or at university. However, the smart-casual attire reminded me of sixth form, a time where I was extremely productive and reaped the rewards of my hard work. Already, I had positive thoughts towards dressing in this manner and working in the office. I’m happy, but I’ll be happier with a morning coffee for my journey! As I lift up my coffee to take a sip, the lid comes off (very clumsy I know) and that causes it to spill all over my clothes… causing some stress as I needed to leave soon.

7:31am. 3 minutes after I planned on leaving, I finally get all cleaned up and am ready to go. My mum, being the excitable person she is, asks to take a photo of me quickly. Seeing the excitement in her face, I let her take a few. I walk 12 minutes to the station and board the over ground to London Bridge from Woolwich Arsenal. Then, 1 stop to East Croydon. Reading on my commute is something I look forward to, I am going to aim to get through 3 books a month which is exciting for me.

Meeting my colleges was strange at first was. I was nervous. We were all on the zoom pub quiz in June but now the three of us were all in the office, in person. I think first impressions are important and being your authentic self is something I always try to do. By doing that I instantly felt myself and we formed an organic work relationship, one that will develop naturally over time that’s not forced. Being similar ages and having similar interests makes those initial first conversations so much easier.

1:10am. Lunch. I’m hungry and have a lot to eat. I quickly pop down to Sainsburys for something sweet. I then return and microwave my chicken, broccoli, and rice. I feel healthy but still hungry. A yogurt, packet of crisps, a lion bar later… I am finally full.

Completing an introduction, filling out essential forms, understanding the basics of the role, writing a bio about myself and working on a blog entry, as well as learning about my first project at hand, allowed me to feel like I have had a full day; I felt capable and now had great insight into how the rest of the year will look. I came to the Centre with a brief understanding of my role in the catalyst team and what I would be up to, as well as, a basic understanding of what the business does. I wasn’t sure if I was ready… That has changed after today. I am sure of it and am looking forward to the year ahead.

I am ready…

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