Time to SINC My Teeth In

I had been anticipating this day from the moment I started university. Whilst I have always looked forward to this moment, once I graduated, I felt a sudden rush of worry. Everything I had worked for over the past few years had culminated to this point; it was now time for my dream to become a reality.

After a night of preparation and panic, I woke up early ready to begin life as a graduate. My first task of the day was to get to the office earlier than asked, they say you should start as you mean to go on and I was keen to make a good impression on my first day. As I left home to catch the bus, I realised the bus wouldn’t get me there at the time I had targeted. I then decided to take an Uber to the office to ensure I’d make it to the office as early as possible.

Once I got to the office I was greeted by Simon and shortly after escorted to the meeting room to begin the weekly huddle with the rest of the Sussex Innovation team. Once the huddle was over, I underwent induction with Simon and Eva, this was a good opportunity for me to learn more about my role and what was to come.

I then got directed to my desk, set up my laptop and got settled in. This was now the start of my first official day in the “real-world” I had a look at a few emails before starting work on a few tasks assigned to me for the day. I was determined to give my best foot forward whilst approaching these tasks, I saw this as an opportunity to show what I can do and how I intend to bring value to the team.

It is now time to sink my teeth in and experience all that is possible whilst with the Catalyst Team, once I’ve taken off my face mask of course.

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