My First day

My birthday… And First day


The morning of my first day began with a rude awakening from my blaring phone with all the reminders set for that day! With a restless night’s sleep, it wasn’t easy to get up, but I was excited for my first day and so grabbed what I needed and headed for the door. I knew I was going to be the first member of the new catalyst team and so I was intrigued to see how I would fit in without the team I’d be working with. On the bus it was evident that the city was still quiet due to the corona-virus and I made great time, as a result, I had to slow my roll on the walk up (being almost half an hour early). The university campus was abandoned which was an eerie sight, but it built the excitement as it hit me that I was going to be doing something completely different over the course of the next year.

Upon arrival, I was made to feel extremely welcome from both Eva and Simon, the introduction to the company and Catalyst made me feel as though I had chosen the right placement for me. I was to become a marketing and branding specialist under one of our funding projects over the next year, which suited me down to the ground. I was told a few weeks prior that my first client call would be on my first day, so I wondered how the clients would interact with me and what I would be expected to do.

The interview with my first client was a preliminary one to establish our relationship and see if we would be a good fit. The interview came up fast and it wasn’t until it had started that I really became anxious. Suddenly it wasn’t a nice cosy introduction, I found myself explaining my credentials to a potential client. It was stressful but the best introduction I could hope for, as it painted the clearest picture of what the next year might look like and I couldn’t be more excited!

My first day was not typical due to the office running on such a low number of staff, rooms that would normally be full were empty and only my table was making any noise during lunch. I am sure that as the year goes on and the rest of the catalyst team comes in the feeling in the office will change dramatically. I expect that I will learn a lot from my time here and my skills will grow and develop as I interact with different clients and types of businesses. Already I have written my bio written this blog and pitched myself as part of the catalyst team. I am very much looking forward to meeting the rest of

the team and seeing how we work together.

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