Marketing... Why does it fall under the radar?

Marketing is a crucial tool for any business. How you market your business determines how successful your business will be. We recently collected data on the type of work Catalystos do. It turns out, a third of the support we provide to SME’s and Startups is marketing. So, we thought it would be a great idea to think about why it’s so important, and why so many companies use external support.

It is widely known how important marketing is, but let’s run through some of its benefits. First and foremost, marketing engages your customers. Social media marketing specifically creates conversations around current products, business updates and product releases; it’s key to your businesses growth and enables you to interact with your customers.

Having a strong social media presence is extremely important as your customers essentially become your brand ambassadors –they can directly mention you in their posts, reply to your posts and spread the word!

Marketing helps build relationships between a business and its customers; it helps create valuable insight into how your customers relate to your brand. This way, marketing serves as a communication channel to heighten brand awareness and inform customers of your offering and value – ultimately helping to boost sales and maintain your significance/popularity. Essentially, without a strong marketing plan and presence, you risk nobody knowing about your business, what you can offer and your relevance.

So, why does marketing often fall under the radar? Often, it’s because people can’t always see the benefits straight away, so people are less inclined to dedicate their time to it. This leads to another reason – marketing requires time! You must take the time to make sure you’re approaching the right channels, communicating with the right tone and talking about the right things. Marketing isn’t effective unless someone dedicates a proportion of their time to it.

Interestingly, a survey carried out by Marketing Signals, a leading digital marketing agency, discovered that more than 42% of UK businesses are outsourcing their marketing. This could be for several reasons, the main one being that many SMEs and StartUps don’t have enough internal resource and time, so external marketers provide a sustainable and flexible solution.

If you are outsourcing, you need to keep good communication to ensure a company’s successfully achieving your goals and reflecting your vision. You know your business best and marketing agencies have specialist knowledge and experience in marketing, so it is important to liaise frequently. Also, there is a great deal of competition out there so your business’ voice must be consistent on social

media. There is not always instant gratification but don’t despair, marketing efforts do make an important impact, especially if you persevere.

Outsourcing your marketing frees up your time so you can focus on the other important elements of your business. If you are struggling to balance your business strategy and marketing plan, or similarly to find the time to write a strategy, the Catalyst Team can provide the extra support you need. With the support of the senior team here at the Sussex Innovation Centre, we can help construct a marketing strategy that defines exactly who your audience is and how to reach them. This not only gives our clients valuable insight into how to raise their business’s profile, but they also receive instant access to a bright, flexible team ready to carry out their plan with passion.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch today.

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