Mindfulness at Work

We all know work can get incredibly overwhelming with seemingly endless phone calls, meetings, emails and presentations every day. With World Mental Health day approaching, it’s important to remember to destress at work. A solution to this is mindfulness techniques, which can help improve your mood, job satisfaction and productivity at work. But can you fit in time to destress? Here are three simple tips that can easily fit into your work schedule, but more importantly help you deal with stress in your workplace:

Single task life

Although it’s impressive presenting yourself as a multi-tasker-master on your CV, in the reality of the working world it’s best to do one task at a time. Through doing this, you become much more focused on the task, helping you go even deeper and avoid making mistakes – preventing any potential future stress.

If you’re new to the single task life, start by updating your work diary to help organise your days on a task-by-task basis. This will help you co-part mentalise your day to focus on one task at a time.

Breather break

While making a coffee or going for a toilet break, take your mind and body away from your desk briefly and breathe. Your mind can easily linger back and fixate on an important email burning a hole in your inbox, but you should try and take time to let your mind run free. To help this, try focusing on your breathing.

Rather than being on your phone in high-stress situations which can make you more stressed from the endless social media and spam email notifications, you should try Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT). The simple tapping technique helps you emotionally destress in a short and effective method and that can easily be done at your desk.

Lunch breaks are called breaks for a reason!

Even though sitting at your desk and eating a sandwich might help you get all that work done quicker, it won’t help you with your stress!

During your lunch breaks, you should take yourself away from the desk. Mix up your lunch breaks by taking a short walk, listen to some relaxing music and take the time to nourish yourself properly with a healthy full lunch. These small things can help you feel more relaxed and then more focused when you return to your desk.

Mindful techniques can help you destress as well as make you more efficient and focused at work. Destress on a personal and professional level by trying out these mindful techniques at your workplace.

As your business scales up, jobs, and tasks can pile up making it very stressful! The Catalyst team can help you with your business and take care of the big or little tasks. Destress by letting us sort out that piling to-do list, find out more about what we can do to help here.

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