My First Day... Last Team Member!

Finally, it was the 1st of October...

The nerve-wracking excitement didn’t help for a good night’s sleep but nonetheless, I was ready and out the door with plenty of time ahead of me, or so I thought. Not only was it my first day as a Catalyst Team Member, it was also the first day of University for many students and as I struggled for a place on the very full buses towards campus, after three attempts I eventually got on. Once on campus, as my friends were heading to their lectures, it hit me that I was no longer going to be a student for a whole year. I headed off up the hill towards the Sussex Innovation Centre, in a usually unknown area of students on campus. However, as the last challenge, it started to rain, and it was so windy my umbrella broke! Thankfully, I had a strong coffee that morning and Eva made sure I felt very welcomed and ready to face the day with a great induction presentation.

I feel more excited than ever at the prospect of this new challenging role and slowly am starting to understand some of the various things I will be doing. It was quite difficult to explain clearly to my family and friends what it is I will do, especially as my degree, as they pointed out, has nothing to do with business. But I stayed convinced of the huge opportunity that is working as part of the Catalyst Team. I particularly liked the idea of completing a variety of different projects to identify the areas I enjoy, and my strengths and weaknesses.

Already on my first day, I have written blog posts, helped update a newsletter and have plans to help one of my team members with the StartUpSussex Promotion. I could not be happier to have chosen to do a placement year as part of my degree, especially one with the Catalyst Team. I was a bit anxious about being the last team member to start this year, but I realise now I had nothing to worry about. Having met some of the team on a training day earlier in the month helped me to feel more comfortable. Everybody was so supportive, and this gives me great confidence in the future.

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