My First Day: A chance to give back to my community

The 3rd of September could not have come around any faster! It feels like a lifetime ago I was stressing over my dissertation, what to wear at graduation and making sure that I don’t trip on that graduation stage! I spent the summer travelling and relaxing, but even the beaches of Miami couldn’t keep me away from adult life!

But here we are. My first day! I’m officially a full-time working woman!

I was shocked to be accepted as a catalyst team member as my degree in Criminology and Sociology is parallel to that of business. I had so many people tell me that I had to become a police officer after getting my degree, but I knew that the uniform would do nothing for my figure! I remember searching the Sussex CareerHub for options in the height of procrastination, completely fearful of my future. That’s when I discovered the Catalyst team. I was intrigued as I’d recently taken part in the StartUp Sussex programme which I had absolutely loved, and it had inspired me to think about my own potential role in the world of business. What caug

ht my eye about the catalyst position is that every day is different as I’d always hated the idea of doing the same thing day in day out. The Catalyst team provides me with the opportunity to explore new avenues and have new experiences daily. It is a role like no other.

This morning amidst all my pre-work nerves, I took a leisurely stroll into my new place of work (luckily for me I only live a few minutes away!) Arriving earlier than expected and sitting patiently in apprehension, all my nerves flew out of the 11th floor window of the Croydon Innovation centre after a wonderful introduction with Eva and Simon. They provided inspiration, motivation and the knowledge that I will get so much out of the experience as others have done before me. I’ve spent the whole summer wondering what being a Catalyst team member will really entail and the introduction helped me put those thoughts into perspective. I will be working with several different clients performing numerous and various tasks - my heart fills with excitement!

My Croydon team are lovely, which has made the nerve-wracking task of settling in so much easier and almost effortless. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful! As someone who is originally from Croydon, I love the idea of working with companies in and around my local area. It is almost a way of giving back to my community and helping it to flourish.

Full time work is a bit different to what I’m used to considering I’ve spent years working part-time in a shoe store alongside my degree. But I am up for the change and excited to see where the opportunity takes me. Now that I am settled into my desk, I can focus on getting the most out of the experience.

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