Although it’s summertime and you are ready for your well-deserved holiday, your business is still running and your to-do list is piling up every day. Do you need an extra hand?

We’re on board to help you with your various business needs and this August with the code CATALYST50, we’re offering a new deal of 50% off for for the first 20 hours!

This offer is eligible for new clients, lapsed clients and current clients seeking extra resource.

The Catalyst programme now enters its 6th year and our new generation of Catalyst members are skilled, diverse and prepared to work with you. Meet the team:

  • Arthur Jones, a masters graduate in Climate Change, Development and Policy. Alongside a passion for cricket and skills in web dev and adobe, Arthur has acquired a great appreciation for the value of small-scale businesses and is ready to help businesses grow.

  • Amy Maginnis, a Psychology graduate. With a love for music and festivals and a strong interest in marketing, Amy is ambitious and ready to take on any challenge your business presents.

  • Kel Alaike, a graduate in Chemistry. Kel is a boxer and traveller who has a strong interest in data analytics, research and entrepreneurship. He is currently learning Python on top of his Catalyst role.

  • Kelly Chan, an English and Media studies graduate. As well as a passionate writer, reader and traveller, Kelly is keen to learn new skills, meet amazing connections and take on any opportunity and challenge.

  • Jamie-Lee Atkinson, a graduate in Business and Management. Being an active horse rider and dancer, Jamie-Lee has a diligent and active work ethic that will help her tackle any task. She is ready to utilise all the theory she’s learnt throughout her degree and put it to action working with aspirational businesses.

Very much like our Catalyst team themselves, the work the Catalyst team carries out is diverse. Our Catalyst team experiences a variety of work supporting business growth through insight and market research, marketing and communications, customer engagement and more! We provide the additional capacity to help you deliver on your strategies and goals. Find out more about the type of work we do here.

Start checking off that to-do list and get those tasks completed by getting in touch with Simon at simon@sinc.co.uk and Eva at eva@sinc.co.uk to find out more on how the SINC Catalyst team can help you with your business.

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