'Crack On:' The Brighton Summit

Team 5 celebrating the end of a successful summit with the Chamber Team!

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to miss the previous year’s Summit’s, we’ll explain …

Brighton Summit is an annual event hosted by the business networking company, Brighton Chamber, who connect 400 businesses and entrepreneurs which allows for existing relationships to be strengthened, and new relationships to be formed.

It’s a unique opportunity to celebrate the diversity of the business community in our bustling city, whilst networking with hundreds of companies all under one roof!

This year’s theme is ‘Crack On’. It’s inviting us to continue to do things the way you have done for years. Making excuses, putting off to-do lists and avoiding risk like it’s the plague is easy. But bringing exiting ideas to fruition, ticking off every to-do list task and jumping in at the deep end? Slightly harder – but very rewarding!

‘Cracking on’ and succeeding in the vision for your business will look different to every company. For some, this may mean big changes within the business, for others, minor tweaks. But no matter what needs to be crossed off the list for your business to thrive, it’s important that you grab your business by the horns, crack on and get it done!

Expect a day of expert-led workshops providing you with the toolkit necessary to evolve your enterprise, such as ‘How to Propel your business forward with The Business Jet Engine®’ from Martin Riley. There will also be inspiring speakers such as Jason Kirk, talking about how to build businesses from family traditions, thought-provoking discussion, as well as the unique opportunity to connect with like-minded contacts.

In the 2017 Summit, we were encouraged to ‘Embrace The Unknown’, in 2018 we were encouraged to ‘Look Up’ and find opportunities where others see problems, and this year, we’re going to be encouraged to be a driving force for business, and simply ‘Crack On’! After all, progression happens outside of the comfort zone.

It goes without saying that here at the Innovation Centre, we are super excited about this year’s theme, as ‘Cracking on’ perfectly sums up the role of our Catalyst initiative!

Risks are there to be taken – but sensibly! The Catalyst team are under the supervision and strategic insight of the senior management team, making them the most risk-free, flexible way of getting your to-do list ticked off! Each company’s to-do list is different, but whatever it is on your list, Catalyst will crack on and get it done - from invaluable insight to project management, content creation, sales, event support and social media!

Similarly, to previous years, Catalyst will be at the Brighton Summit on hand to support running the day, as well as engaging with some of the hundreds of businesses present!

So, whether you’re a CEO of a large business, a non-profit organisation, an entrepreneur, or an employee, Brighton Summit is THE must-attend event of the year. Delivering fresh perspectives, new relationships, and an abundance of inspiration.

Crack on and book your tickets here.

To find out more about how we have helped local business 'Crack on' and grow, take a look at our client testimonials here.

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