An Adventure to Come

Promised challenges and an adventure of a job to come.

Driving past my usual spot on the university car park, I slowly approached upwards on the hill to the Sussex Innovation Centre. Leaving university and student life behind me (literally), I parked up to my next step, no, my next leap in life: my new graduate job as a Catalyst team member. Reflecting on the past four months of application emails, the interviews and the blur of essays, presentations and lectures in between, I was astonished that my first day was here. Panicked and uncertain about life after university, in February I searched desperately online on the Sussex Careers page for graduate jobs. Searching for a challenging and different job, I came across and managed to secure a role as Catalyst team member. I remember receiving the job offer email and while I was ecstatic at the time, upon arriving for my first day, I was jellied into a ball of nerves. Shaking a little, I finally got out of the car and walked into the centre.

Once I entered the centre and had my induction, my nerves had calmed down. Simon and Eva, the same people who interviewed me, welcomed me warmly and assured me of a safe and happy work environment. Excitement replaced my anxious feelings. In the induction I was promised challenges and an adventure of a job to come. I was told in the induction that “every day will be different”. A promise of an exciting job.

After completing my induction, I felt more relaxed but more importantly ready and enthusiastic to start. Luckily, for my first day we had a leaving pub lunch for one of the senior support team members. Chatting with the whole team and saying goodbye to a colleague gave me an insight into the cycle of the Catalyst members. Listening to how each member began and how they have successfully started their careers was inspiring. Understanding how each member has grown from a university student to a hardworking and driven Catalyst team member, gave me great confidence and excitement in starting my journey here at the Sussex Innovation Centre.

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