The Deep End

The 18th June had finally arrived; the day I began the start of my post graduate journey as a Catalyst Team Member at the Sussex Innovation Centre. I anticipated waking up filled with new job nerves, but after spending the best part of my summer stood behind a supermarket checkout, I was excited at the prospect of a new, challenging role. Eva’s famous last words of advice from my first interview were on repeat in my head: ‘You have to jump in otherwise you’ll be pushed!’, and whilst the thought of being out my depths filled me with dread, that’s exactly what I intended to do!

After finding out I was successful in securing a job in the Catalyst team, the question I was constantly faced with from my friends and family was ‘So what will you be doing?!’. Whilst I had a broad idea of what the Innovation Centre does as an organisation, I was still relatively unaware about where I would fit into that. Once I was told about the first 5 companies I’d be working with, it quickly became apparent that there is no clear cut answer to that question - I’ll be working with a variety of different companies, in a variety of different sectors, completing a variety of different projects. Ranging from my comfort zone of social media marketing, to tasks out of my depth, such as market research and writing blogs (hopefully you can’t tell!).

The majority of my first day was spent extensively researching the companies I will be completing my first projects for. All of the companies I’m going to be working with seem extremely interesting, and range from PR companies to gaming bars and an online hippy clothing store. I’m hoping that working in such diverse business’ will allow me to identify the areas of business I particularly enjoy, as well as the strengths and weakness in my skillset. Everyone has been incredibly supportive, and all seem very enthusiastic about what they do, which reflects in the upbeat office environment.

Day one down, and the thought of being in the deep end no longer fills me with dread. As cliché as it sounds, it is as if the Innovation Centre are my armbands allowing me to float. I am very positive about the future!

To find out more about the Catalyst team click here

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