Eager beginnings

Initially, I found out about the Catalyst Team during a struggle for supremacy with my dissertation.

As I walked by a career fair, I spontaneously decided I had time to kill so I headed in to have a chat with the various company representatives.

Post procrastination, dragging my feet knowing I was returning to a dissertation dogfight I was beckoned over by Beth and Matthew for a chat.

“You’ve worked with how many start-ups this year?”, “19”.

I was sold. As someone with a curiosity for enterprise, I found the idea of working with different and interesting companies attractive.

My only concern was about the true level of depth in experience I could obtain from each project if I worked on so many.

Nevertheless, I bottled the enthusiasm, took away the leaflet and applied later that evening.

Two interviews and three months later I’m standing in the elevator heading to the 11th floor.

It’s 8:50 and the initial introduction and on-boarding with Simon and Eva begin at 9:00. Overestimating the difficulty of finding the building I arrived at 8 am and twiddled my thumbs for 45 minutes before heading up.

Before joining Catalyst, I checked out the company profiles on the Sussex Innovation Website to see if there were any that piqued my interest.

It was either by strategic design, luck, or divine intervention, that my favourite companies were the ones I would start off working with.

After walking around, talking to the various directors of companies, I learnt that some members of Team Catalyst joined companies after their tenure which adds an exciting aspect of prospects to this opportunity.

All of this combined with being able to work shoulder to shoulder with directors and owners of enterprises is likely to provide me with applicative knowledge about the intricacies in starting and scaling a small company.

All in all, I can’t wait to start working on my projects.

Although I do anticipate a steep learning curve, I believe my curiosity and desire to embrace new challenges will provide value within both the Catalyst Team and companies I work with.

I’m excited to see how my time at the innovation centre unfolds.

To find out more about the Catalyst team click here

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