EXTRA: Post-graduation Terror cured by Catalyst

First day as a Catalyst Team Member. Not only was this a joyous occasion for the fact that I would be beginning my Catalyst journey, but for the fact that I had just finished an internship the day before in London. During which, I endured many a restless night; drawing heavily on the hospitality of friends, and their sofas, for two months. The generosity of my friends and the fulfilling internship experience notwithstanding, it was a great relief to be back in Brighton, benefiting from the unrivaled happiness (and back support) that comes with your own bed, and setting foot back on the familiar ground that is the Sussex University campus.

Prior to applying for Catalyst, I had just finished a masters in Climate Change, Development and Policy at Sussex in September 2018. On finishing my course, the inevitable post-graduation job terror arrived: what was I going to do with myself once the sweet comfort of university life was taken away from me? I spent many an hour trawling through job websites, eyes slowly dissolving, thinking maybe this whole job malarkey just isn’t for me? It was a great relief to find the Catalyst programme. I knew I wanted a varied role, in which I wasn’t performing the same mundane tasks day after day; but rather challenged by new experiences and opportunities. Which is exactly what Catalyst delivers.

Also, the wonderful aspect of the Catalyst programme, as a graduate who initially struggled to find worthwhile employment, is that it gives you a chance to prove yourself. One of the more challenging aspects of job hunting is that you’re expected to have professional experience in a certain area in order to do well in it; and to gain this experience you need experience. The Catalyst programme offers a vital path to building that professional experience across a number of disciplines, offering invaluable support and guidance to set you up for any future career you’re hoping to pursue.

On entering the building for that first day, I was greeted by Simon and Eva, the Catalyst Team Manager and Catalyst Project Manager respectively. The butterfly’s started to flutter, but quickly began to subside as I was warmly welcomed and remembered how at ease they had made me feel on my first interview here in March. Entering the office, after a lot of names forgotten, it was reassuring to be continually offered help or guidance if I ever needed it.

After a strong black coffee and an immaculate induction presentation I was fully prepared and ready to go; in at the deep end in with a client meet and a client brief on my first day. It was great to get stuck into work straight away, and being the first Catalyst Team Member of the new intake, I was lucky to be able to draw upon the advice and insight of those team members that had already been there and done it.

As the latest Catalyst recruit, I’m excited for the year ahead. If my first day is anything to go by, I’ve got a lot to look forward to.

If you would like to know more about how the Catalyst Team can help you achieve you goals, please click here .

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