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Entering the SINC building for the first time I was not as nervous as I thought I would be, largely down to the familiar setting of campus, along with the fact Id been chasing Catalyst for any sort of work experience since my first year in Sussex, it was more a relief.

Excited and eager to find out my first client, I jumped through the induction hoops waiting to hear what it would be. ‘Be professional, don’t be late for work, health and safety is important……GDPR’. Having never heard this abbreviation before, it innocently fell upon deaf ears. None the wiser I carried on with my induction before I found out Id be a new full-time recruit for the new General Data Protection Regulation. One week later I feel like I could drop out of catalyst and become a self-employed data protection consultant.

Myself and GDPR have had our ups and downs this week but I feel I’ve ended the week closer than we started, what will happen next week is a whole other matter!

It’s safe to say my first week has been challenging in ways I wasn’t expecting but having met the team they have in place already and the help I’ve received from them I have very little to worry about going forward.

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