Snapshot of the future

Tuesday 3rd July, my first day. I woke up 30 minutes before my 7 am alarm bursting with both excitement and nervousness about what was to come in the next 24 hours and the next year in general. Despite me being up earlier than usual university days, I had a surprising wave of energy and enthusiasm about diving into my new world of full-time employment, and a dive it was.

Arriving at the Falmer office my nervousness was quickly settled by friendly faces and welcoming smiles around the reception area. Then it was on to the part I was dreading. Remembering names. There is probably more chance of football coming home than me remembering everyone’s name straightaway. However, with everyone’s quick introduction to themselves and their backgrounds (and maybe a little help from the board with names and pictures on!), I feel like I know everyone in the office already, which has helped me settle in easily to the team.

However, it wasn’t long until I was nudged straight into the deep end of working for a client on a research project. Although it took me a little time to get to grips with the task, it was a great learning experience for me and what was expected of me in the year to come.

Day 2 arrived, and I was off to East Croydon, my base for the year. I was excited to see the Croydon office and meet all the team and clients there. My day was filled with three client meetings, all with very different businesses and all with very different projects. This was one of my biggest motivations for joining Catalyst, and I was thrilled to already be given the responsibility to jump right into a variety of important work for different clients. All my meetings seemed to go well, with the highlight of my day probably being my meeting with a client in his Limitless VR café, where we spoke about his business plans and then he let me on his VR simulator, to walk pick up some cake from the end of a plank, which hung off an extremely tall skyscraper. Yes, scary I know but don’t worry, other than a load of dropped cake and maybe a few screams I managed to get back to safety.

So far, every day has presented a new and exciting challenge, teaching me fresh skills straight off the bat. I feel I am already getting into the swing of working life and the business world. My first week has been even better than I was expecting it to be, with plenty of opportunities and by being surrounded by great people who I already know are always there to lend a helping hand and to teach me things when needed. As the new boy on the block I have a lot to learn, but from my first week snapshot I am anticipating it being a lot of fun.

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