From Sushi to Sinc

The transition period from my previous job of assistant-manager at a busy sushi restaurant (which had me running around on my feet all day long) to my new role in the Catalyst team was short but sweet. I finished at my last job on the Sunday evening, the Monday in-between was spent getting up at 5am to take part in some activism and then cuddling rescued animals at a sanctuary, and by 11:30am on Tuesday I was sat in a meeting at the Sussex Innovation Centre with my first client! This meant I had very little time to get consumed by stress and worry, leaving me coming into the office on my first day with a clear head and excitement to start my next chapter.

I find it interesting that the first week experience of each Catalyst team member is so varied, yet so similar. Each one of them involves being ‘thrown in at the deep end’, yet each member has their first client experience with a different business, and will take different things from it.

Immediately after my Catalyst induction with Liam, I grabbed a coffee with Will from Race Nation and he gave me some background knowledge about the business, and we exchanged our stories. I then preceded to spend two days in the Race Nation office, getting to know the team, sitting in on a stimulating brainstorming session, and getting to grips with social media scheduling platforms!

Something that came as a surprise to me was that no amount of posting on your own personal social media can prepare you for the world of social media for a business, no matter how wonderful you think your Instagram feed is. It requires far more attention to detail, awareness and careful planning and consideration. But I am very keen to focus on improving this and seeing the results.

By the Thursday I was feeling very settled, despite spending very little time in the office with the rest of the Catalyst team, as I already had the sense that they would welcome any questions or queries that I had and were willing to help. My next client was The Hippy Clothing Co, which I must say was a perfect match for me! When I’m not in the office, I’m wearing as many colours as possible and the more outrageous, the better! So naturally, I adore their products. Lauren handed the client over to me and was very supportive. She sent me lots of super helpful links and information, including a spreadsheet she had put together with hashtags she likes to include, relevant events coming up and topics to discuss. This has inspired me to take this approach and apply it to other clients that I am scheduling social media posts for. Thanks Lauren! The afternoon was spent transcribing a phone interview for Chloe, and on Friday Josh handed me over a data entry task for IKAWA Coffee.

So far, as many before me have mentioned, the most tedious aspect of the job has been explaining to people what your role is without going into a 5-minute explanation with at least 4 different examples. The question and explanation is unavoidable, but that’s a small price to pay for the hugely varied experience I am preparing myself for over the next 12 months here at SiNC.

Change is one of my favourite things. I love to notice when a fundamental shift happens inside of me, when I receive some information that really resonates with me, or I learn something new from first-hand experience and then begin to apply that knowledge to how I approach tasks and lead my life. I can see that through being a sponge and exposing myself to the many different personalities and approaches to business here, change is inevitable and I am welcoming it with open arms!

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