Diving in at the deep end

Starting on a Tuesday, I spent the Monday manically preparing and worrying about my first day of employment. This would be my first time stepping in to the real world and starting at my first ‘proper job’. My first day was in the Croydon office, thankfully not far from where my grandparents live, allowing me to start the day relaxed after being cared for by my Nan. Filled to the brim after breakfast, I headed off to East Croydon for my first day in the big wide world.

After arriving at the office, I was relieved to find out that Lauren was also starting on the same day. It was nice to be in the same boat as someone else and after a couple hours of induction, we were dropped in at the deep end working for a client. My mind was feeling fuzzy after meeting so many people, trying to remember their names and learning so many new things, but I enjoyed the day and I returned home feeling happy and positive about the year ahead.

Day two was also in the Croydon office, so I was already starting to feel a little bit settled and my nerves had calmed significantly. It was then off to the Falmer office the next day, back to the familiar surroundings of Sussex campus, where we met much more of the team and it was nice to put names to faces and to be embraced into the team. Having not worked a full time job before, the early starts were starting to wear me down, but each day has been exciting and different, and believe it or not I have woken up looking forward to the day ahead.

Overall I have very much enjoyed my first week here, it has been great to meet so many friendly new people and I am happy with what the role is beginning to look like. The unique nature of this job will allow me to develop skills in so many areas, particularly time management, interpersonal skills, my writing style and maybe most importantly adaptability. I have no doubt these will be invaluable to me in the future. With the job allowing a lot of room to grow in various ways, I must say I am very appreciative of this opportunity the Sussex innovation Centre has given me!

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