The Beginning of the End

My first day on the Catalyst Team...could this mark the beginning of the end? My days as a carefree student are over (temporarily - I’ll be back in a year), and so are the joys of mid week nights at the pub, and late lie ins. The time has finally come to take my first steps towards a career and join the big and scary world of business.

The last to join the Catalyst Team (they saved the best till last) or what is now being called the “Terrifying Ten” because we’ve got so much potential it's terrifying - after a warm welcome to the team it became immediately obvious that the world of business isn’t too scary at all...or at least not with Catalyst anyway.

All the worries I had carried with me to the door were instantly put to rest during my initial introduction with Lucy, the Catalyst programme manager who quickly left me feeling incredibly hopeful and driven after telling me the inspiring stories of what former Catalyst team members had gone on to achieve.

It’s not often you’re left feeling excited about the prospect of 12 months of hard work, or until now ever actually, but today was a first. The Catalyst team captures everything I could want from a placement...except a company car, but I’m working on that. Real experience, role variation and opportunities. Opportunities I am determined to take.

Able to work for such a mixture of businesses, completing such diversified tasks I can’t wait to learn lots of new skills, see where my passions lie and take concrete steps towards shaping my career and actually figuring out what I might be spending my future years doing.

I am hopeful that my drive and eagerness to learn will not only give me a much greater insight into the career choices available to me and spotlight those I wish to aspire to, but following the success of those that have preceded me I am confident that it can too lead to expanded career opportunities. I also can’t wait to see my new skills and developed attitude make a positive impact on my University work next year, something Liam our Project Manager has promised me will be significant.

Overall today felt far from the beginning of the end as for many people when starting a job and much more like the beginning of a bright future, full of exciting opportunities. I can’t wait to get stuck in and start seeing the results.

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