The beginning of my journey with the Catalyst Team

I’m sure most people get the first day jitters and I was no exception to them. After a sleepless night worrying about what I’d be doing the next day, whether I’d be any good at it and whether the team would like me, I walked in to the Croydon office with butterflies in my stomach. Worrying about first impressions and the fear of seeming like a rabbit caught in the head lights, I timidly walked into the room.

Straight away, my fears were put to rest. I was met with friendly faces and the Catalyst Programme Manager, Lucy who made me feel like I wasn’t completely out of my depth. After an exciting two-hour induction, I was thrown straight in to a meeting with my first client. I was a big mixture of fear, nerves and excitement! After a couple of days working in Croydon, I found myself gradually getting more comfortable with the work environment and finally starting to remember all the names that had been thrown my way. Then, I was shipped back to the Falmer office to do it all again.

Friends and family keep asking, ‘well what will you actually be doing?’ Explaining the job of a Catalyst team member is something which I still haven’t mastered. Maybe in time, the perfect response will come to me.

Before joining the Catalyst team, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. Fresh out of university, where do you begin looking for a career path when you don’t even know what paths are out there? That’s why the Catalyst programme was the perfect fit for me. I can finally experience a job which allows me to learn about different aspects of the business world. It has the added bonus of normal working hours unlike the dire late night shifts of my previous part-time jobs.

Whilst I’ve had many part-time jobs and internships, I’ve never had a long-term job which I could really get stuck in to. I’m really excited to work with different clients, find out where my skills lie and develop new working relationships with a team which has made me feel so welcome and comfortable to ask whatever questions I have, no matter how silly they may sound. I hope being part of the Catalyst team will help me to grow as a person and help me discover which direction I want the rest of my life to go in. I can’t wait to see what opportunities the next year will bring.

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