Bring on the Wall

When the alarm went off at 7 that morning, it wasn’t met with my usual indignation of “why am I awake at this ungodly hour?” but instead a real drive to actually pull myself out of my bed.

For someone who doesn’t drink coffee, finding energy early in the day can be a struggle for me but this was my first day working at the Innovation centre and I was filled with enthusiasm, coupled with a touch of fear because first impressions are key and you only get one chance. I knew, from talking to the people working there at my interviews, that the Innovation centre was filled with friendly faces, which is often quite a rare thing to take away from an interview, and so this eased my nerves slightly as I approached the building. Being introduced to everyone in the office, my brain was in full swing trying to come up with inventive ways to memorise people's names, only for me to realise about a minute later when I was sat down at my desk that there was a board on the wall that had most people’s names written down with their picture next to it.

As a Business Management student I have spent 2 years prior to this placement being bombarded by theories and information, and I am excited to be able to actually apply it in the real world and see more closely, through working with small businesses and now as part of a business myself, how the intricacies of it all actually work. I don’t have any set career path in my mind, and so it made searching for a placement a bit difficult when they’d ask me what I’d like to specialise in or where I want to work. That’s how I knew the Catalyst team was perfect - it’s a chance to take real responsibility for yourself and experience all different aspects of business and the world and learn and grow as a person as a result.

I spent my first 2 days in the Falmer office going through the now firmly established initiation of transcriptions which, for an initiation process, is far more interesting and informative than what people will have you believe. On my third day, I was shipped off down to the office in East Croydon to go and meet a new client for the first time and while I was nervous, I was more excited. Excited in the fact that on my third day on the job, they trusted me enough to face a client that they had not met before and I want to repay that faith. I can see myself having an amazing year here and growing a lot as a person, because when you’re put in at the deep end you need to learn to swim fast but fortunately I have a few buoyancy aids around to help me.

I’m sure as time goes by and I settle into the office I’ll lose my lost puppy sort of look as I wonder around. But until then, I’m just the new boy.

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