Bring it on!

The first day of a new job is always met with a mixed bag of emotions – a combination of nerves and excitement coupled with an unnerving sense of the unknown provides a unique challenge to anyone – and I was no different. I was looking forward to meeting new people and stepping outside of my comfort zone, but also nervous about these things too. This is my first full time job and I’m sure working a 9-5:30 will be a different challenge altogether.

We have a wide range of members under our roof at the Innovation Centre

However, the nerves soon subsided. I was greeted by a room full of smiling and welcoming faces (and a long list of new names to remember!). I quickly felt that this would be a place I will soon be happy to call home. A friendly and chatty environment ensures that this will be an enjoyable place to work and somewhere I can see myself fitting into – even if I am sat at a desk-space all by myself until the rest of the new team arrive!

After an initial meeting and setting up my laptop, I was given a quick tour. This tour of the building gave me a grasp of the sheer depth and variety of work being carried out under the roof of the ‘Innovation Centre’, and the wealth of opportunities and challenges this will surely provide. When studying Business, I have often felt a bit of a void between theory and practise; I am looking forward to experiencing and learning from a practical, hands-on perspective. I am certain this year will not only help me to grow academically ready for my final year of study, but also as a person too.

‘Day one’ sees me as the newbie in the Falmer office, and ‘Day Two’ will then see me as the newbie in the Croydon office! It is a week of new beginnings but I am optimistically looking forward to the challenges I am yet to be presented with.

Bring it on!

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