Dry Patch

Working on the Catalyst team means a lot of variety in terms of clients, and usually when you’re given a new project you also find yourself learning about a completely new sector. However, when I met Chris Gomez aka Dry Patch in April, I felt at home. We were sitting in Grind in Covent Garden sipping artisan coffee and discussing commuting on two wheels. I left our first meeting buzzing because Chris’s product was targeted to a group of people I had a lot in common with, and hence my new project was to become a mixture of work and fun.

​The name Dry Patch raises a lot of questions and eyebrows, but it is exactly what it stands for—nothing less, nothing more. Dry Patch is a brand for the cool commuter crowd on two wheels, which for the moment makes saddle covers for bicycles and motorcycles that guarantee a dry ride to work. As a seasoned commuter in London, Chris had become used to wiping rain water and all sorts of dirt off his motorcycle’s saddle in the morning. Because nice trousers and a wet bottom are not the best combination to start the morning off with, Chris decided to take action. Nothing in the market had previously been able to provide just the right kind of protection for the style-conscious commuters, and so Dry Patch was born. My role at the beginning was to support the product launch which is happening later this year by researching various channels online which could be used to get the name Dry Patch on everyone’s lips. Once the research was done, I became a blogger addressing various aspects of a commuter’s life from healthy breakfasts on the way to the office to the Cycle Superhighway network in London. The number of blogs is finally sufficient for launching the website, which is only missing one last, although a very important, touch—product photography. No other client has turned out to be as versatile as, or perhaps more precisely put, has tested my versatility as much as Dry Patch has. The website needed photos, so Chris kindly asked me to take part in a photoshoot along with the other Dry Patch blogger Saskia, and a friend of Chris’s, Steve. On an unusually hot Wednesday we headed to central London with the creative team lead by Paul Michael Hughes and his on-the-day support Denis Plesca. Paul and Dennis did wonders transforming the arid locations around North London into scenes straight out of the life of a commuter. We rode Boris bikes, motorcycles and bicycles, and posed in raincoats pretending to be a bit chilly in the supposedly rainy weather. A lot of water was sprayed onto our vehicles and a lot of water evaporated while Paul gave us posing instructions. After five locations and a day of shooting, we were done, and also one step closer to finalising the website. Modelling may not be my future calling, but working with an experienced photographer like Paul was certainly inspiring. The day out shooting concluded the first Catalyst chapter with Chris and Dry Patch, who will now focus on getting his product out to the market. Hundreds of Dry Patches are waiting in line to ease the commute for Londoners on two wheels, so keep an eye out for them. In the meantime Catalyst will take a backseat waiting for the next chapter, and we wish Chris all the best making the world a slightly drier place.

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