My First Week - Adam Rage

I applied to the Catalyst Team with an enthusiasm for Innovation and a preparedness for a variety of tasks. Engaging, challenging and eventful are just some of the words I would use to describe my time with the Catalyst team so far. As an intern, I expected that I would be spoon fed over the first few days, though fortunately this was not the case. Being able to talk to clients and feeling comfortable in the workplace were roles I only dreamt of being able to do.

I feel like I’m learning something new every day: I have understood how to conduct a formal email, something I was unaware of how to do before; I am applying things which I have been learning through my business course into the workplace for the first time; and have taken on an assignment for a client from Race Nation (Will Golder) which I found not only to be challenging, but enjoyable. Through work like this I have increasingly found a new side to business. Doing work for someone with whom I got on well with as an individual made the task even more fulfilling. I developed a contact list which will go on to help Will’s business gain customers, something I can feel proud of as I like to think that this will then be used for the further development of the business. My work colleagues are welcoming and they have really helped me settle in, we have engaged in football on two separate occasions, and both times has helped me connect with them and get to know them a lot better. They’re all Sussex graduates so it makes it easier to relate with them and ask for help where needed. They have certainly helped me get more comfortable with my job role and environment. I have also done some work for Joseph, similar to the work I did for Will in my spare time, and it was nice to aid a fellow college in their endeavours. This was a good time for me to connect with one of the senior members and I hope this continues. My next assignment will be to assist Kelly in a task which involves helping improve a suicide prevention charity raise awareness and help get their app up and running, and I know the same experience will apply to her to. ​ The work I have been trying produce for Jacky has proven difficult, and has been the most challenging thing I have had to do thus far. But through resilience and determination I hope to get this completed to the best of my abilities. The skills I have learnt so far was something I thought I’d learn throughout the whole internship, not the first few weeks. I am most certainly looking forward for what awaits later on down the line, and hope to continue learning and growing as I progress through this placement.

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