An unusual start with the Catalyst Team

I’m quite sure that I had a rather unusual first week as part of the Catalyst team at SInC. My first day was almost fully devoted to the team moving office within the building. I heard stories from the ‘old office’ during this process, but all I saw was how it was taken apart, hearing cries as paint was peeled off the wall, laptop chargers mysteriously disappeared temporarily and a conundrum was had over mismatching wireless mice and keyboards. Before I knew it, the working day had ended and I was cycling home under the commonly absent British sun. ​ The following day the office was fully set up and I was provided with a laptop, email account and everything else that I would need. I was ready to go. I helped Callum generate a contact list for Hare Digital, a web design and digital marketing agency who aim to conduct insight interviews and produce a white paper using this information. Coming from a recently finished Geography degree I had little knowledge of what these terms, and many others, actually meant. Eventually I seemed to get the hang of it and became more confident with the tools we were using. As the afternoon rolled through, I had a meeting with Kelly regarding KnowCo, a client I had hoped to work with and had the intention of meeting the following day in the Croydon office. Kelly ran me through the company and what we would do to help them, giving me a much better understanding of what we needed to do. I learnt about MailMerge and used this and a contact list to get in touch with a number of potential clients for the near future, starting to set up interviews for the following week. After another seemingly swift day in the office, I headed to the football pitch for a casual kickabout with my new work colleagues, which turned out to have much more significant repercussions than I could have imagined. Halfway through the game, I sprinted towards the end of the pitch, chasing a well-placed ball from one of my teammates. Kicking it back into play, I continued forward, eventually stumbling, slipping and crashing into the fence at the edge of the pitch, knee-first. Avoiding too many graphic details, I was rushed to A&E to have four stitches put in to hold my knee together, wrapped in a bandage and given, to my dismay, instructions to return ten days later for a check-up. So I waddled into work the next day, crutches in hand and bike firmly parked for the next two weeks (if not more). Pictures were shown and several ‘ooooh’ and ‘ewww’ remarks were heard before a slightly more normal day at work, doing more of what I expected the first week with the Catalyst team to be like. I did some more work for KnowCo and Hare Digital, helped Callum with some transcriptions from Yomdel and did some work for the office. The following day was a similar experience, and I could not be gladder for that. Speaking with Simon and Claire in our induction meetings made me feel more confident about the work I’d be doing and allowed me to gain a bit more insight into how it was done. Looking back on a Friday afternoon at the events of the week, despite enduring an injury that put me in crutches, I am pleased with how everything has gone. I can see that for the moment I find myself out of my comfort zone as I know little about the world of business and marketing (for now!) but look forward to seeing this change in the near future. Looking around me, I can see how far the Catalyst programme has taken people in the office, from those who have only been here for a few weeks to some the more seasoned veterans.

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