Do Something Different grows with Catalyst

This spring has already brought about loads of exciting new projects, one of which me and Chris are currently working on together. Luckily our new client, Do Something Different, needed two people to take over Catalyst veteran Luke Baldwin’s role at the company, and the dynamic duo we were known as while working for Local Puzzle remained intact. Instead of doing field sales and targeting small independent retailers, we now form a lead generation and marketing unit that keeps their eyes peeled for new corporate prospects.

We joined Do Something Different at a very interesting moment. Previously the company had been focusing on tailoring behaviour change programmes for corporations and the public health sector, and most of the sales came from recommendations and word of mouth. This year, however, saw a strategic change in the organisation. The new focus is on launching a wellness/ learning and development platform for corporate clients and offering a freemium subscription for individuals. Essentially all these changes relate to scaleability, which is now easily achievable with the tweaked product offering and a well structured sales process. Since facilitating growth is the raison d’être of Catalyst, the project with Do Something Different fits perfectly within our agenda. Luke, who was initially handling the lead generation and prospecting for our new Brighton based client, decided to swap the office chair for a bike saddle and realise his long term dream cycling across North America (you can follow his adventures on Instagram here). For now, Chris and I continue the work he started, and we spend two days a week supporting the sales team. So far we have been running LinkedIn and email marketing campaigns, marketing webinars, and finding and contacting new leads. The next step for us is to take over the sales for SMEs and make Do Something Different the solution that every HR manager in the UK is talking about. 'How refreshing to work with SInC who could match Petra and Chris with us and have them up and running right away! It's made a huge difference to our lead generation team and continue to give valuable input daily.’ —Ronel Erasmus, Partner at Do Something Different We have really enjoyed working with the team that practices what they preach and offers a working environment where things are genuinely done differently. One of the wonders of the company is their flat management structure or Holacracy which already in itself adds a refreshing element to the office life. Being around people who are passionate about what they do and working for a company with great values is inspiring, and the atmosphere in the office is one that nurtures new creative ideas. As a Catalyst member the best aspect of this project is being able to combine the experience and knowledge I have gained from my previous projects, and apply all of it in a new context. We learn from our clients and our clients can learn from us. You could say this is innovation at its best, as what is more innovative than linking a programme as unique as Catalyst with a holacratic mHealth company in Brighton?

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