Eyes wide opened

Being part of the Catalyst Team always ensures that you will get to partake in some great experiences whether from a work perspective or extra-curricular. Our most recent adventure involved a Two Day workshop with Alistair Creamer and Anna from Eyes Wide Opened. The first day we housed them in our seminar room within SINC and the second day we met up with them at Barclays Eagle Labs in Brighton. We had all been left in the dark over what to expect; all that Lucy had told us was that we had a two-day workshop that would be good fun and ‘a bit deep’. I think this left a few members of the team feeling quite concerned and the others were intrigued. The session started with us listening to Alistair tell us a bit about himself. We were then asked to give him some feedback on what conclusions we made about him based on what he said, he welcomed criticism. At first we were all being very polite telling him that he seemed sincere, enthusiastic and genuine. However, by the time it was Anna’s turn, we had warmed up a bit and people were a slightly more ‘honest’ (brutal) in their feedback. The day continued with exercises designed to help us work out who we are and how we express ourselves creatively. Everyone got something different from the experience, whether it be a realisation that others perceive them differently to how they see themselves, or feeling a bit delicate from all the emotional probing. On the final day we were tasked with creating a piece of art work on how we were feeling. It was an extremely valuable experience and I wanted to share a thought that came up during the process. One of the things we learnt was that throughout life we gain a multitude of skills due to the experiences we have. We may not even be aware of some of these skills that we have and the things we are good at. We will constantly be faced with new challenges and it’s about working out which skills we can use to help us go through them. One of the most important things that Alistair taught us was that sometimes it isn't about bending your experiences and skills to fit a job/pathway but instead choosing pathways that suit our skills and personalities. ​ To top off a great couple of days, we headed to Yellow Wave to play some team Beach Volleyball. It was a great way to end the week and an even better opportunity to get to know the rest of the team out of the usual work setting. I'm thoroughly looking forward to the next experience!

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