That time again?

This week Nico leaves the team for a long summer off before coming back for his final year of his International Business degree, it marks the first of this in-take leaving naturally after Jack used his experience to bag a great job in London earlier in the year.

A year of Catalyst is an intense experience for everyone, the team member will work with around a dozen companies in some way – from longer term on-going projects to ad hoc requirements and I am here to help support them and the company along the way. In a few months a team member will gain more variety than most of us do in the first few years of our career – building new skills, learning what they enjoy and what they don’t in a unique environment that isn’t about passing or failing but helping our member companies grow and create jobs. Catalyst team members aren’t lined up to fail, don’t have to experience office politics or team competition. We have created a spirit of collaboration, celebrating the different interests and passions of each person, enjoying the diversity rather than criticising or trying to standardise. My team aren’t sold as experts in a field, but an enthusiastic, intelligent and managed resource – who each come with some natural talents and we hope to find some more over the year to ensure the year with us is a springboard for his/her career. We’ve now worked with over 90 companies in Falmer, Brighton and East Croydon – along with some in Lewes, Crawley and Horsham. That’s well over 300 projects – from insight interviews, content creation, social media management, event support, account management, website design and creation, white paper creation, new business development – we’ve done a lot! The new team is on the way, Ella started in April and from 7th June onwards we see the changing of the guard, fresh faces, new blank canvases and steep learning curves for all. I’m never ready to say goodbye, and I have enjoyed keeping in touch with the first team – I’m going to be stalking their careers for a few years yet!

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