Project Spotlight: Be Street Smart

Be Street Smart are not just changing the way people move home, they are making the entire buying and selling process enjoyable. As well as a game-changing online portal, Be Street Smart employ Local Property Gurus with years of experience. These Gurus are with buyers or sellers every step of the way, from listing to completion to everything in between! Be Street Smart imagine a hassle free moving day, Guru on hand and Wi-Fi at the ready. They have developed an exciting property platform powered by great technology and outstanding people working hard to make every aspect of moving home better, with less hassle, lower costs and more service. This amazing service is available at your fingertips whether you require help on the phone, online or at your door. Advertising on Zoopla, Rightmove and Primelocation, Be Street Smart have already helped over 1000 customers save over £1 million and that is just the start. ​ It was quickly realised that Catalyst could be deployed in a marketing role with Be Street Smart, although this project has not been ‘run of the mill’ by any stretch of the imagination. Catalyst has traditionally only had one or two of the team working with a client, but Be Street Smart’s upward trajectory required more from the Catalyst Team. The marketing role involves creating and sharing relevant content across social media channels, helping with a targeted Facebook campaign, assisting with PR and communications and recruiting new Gurus. Be Street Smart have used 7 members of the Catalyst Team throughout their engagement, all working in tandem to deliver the marketing required. Sylvia had been leading the team as project manager, overseeing the project and its reporting, before passing the role onto Leah, who has been involved in social media content creation, management and metrics. James and Nico have been working on Guru Analytics to understand return on investment from adverts on job boards, whilst Rudy has been conducting a competitor analysis and Liam supported Leah on the creation of content. Members of the Support team have also been working with Be Street Smart, with Lucy, Joseph and Simon all helping pull together the work conducted by Catalyst. Be Street Smart’s Co-founder Alex Sullivan recently praised Catalyst in a LinkedIn post: “So we needed really talented people, at the click of a finger, who can do all sorts. And we can't hire them all. Welcome Sussex Innovation Centre and Catalyst, government-funded and targeted on growth in jobs. These guys are now a huge part of our team, from advice to research and everything in between. Between SInC and Maven Rocket, a start-up AdWords agency, most of our marketing function (and so much more) is taken care of. Working with SInC and start-ups has helped us get a lot for a manageable cost. It has also surrounded us by a lot of bright people who love getting involved in our business.” Be Street Smart has been a ground breaking project for Catalyst. In the few years Catalyst has been running no single client has used the resource so extensively and the lessons learned by individual members of the Catalyst Team and the team itself have been incredibly valuable. Meanwhile, it’s onwards and upwards for the ambitious Be Street Smart!

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