The Value of the Catalyst Experience

So 15 months have passed since I started working for the Catalyst team, scary considering it only seems like yesterday I walked into the introduction day not knowing what to expect. Obviously, a lot has changed since then, I have gained great experience, I have forged a career in sales, met some great friends and have come out the other side with a job for one of the most exciting, high growth companies founded in Brighton and now operating globally. For me, Catalyst offered everything a university graduate would want from their first ‘proper’ job outside of higher education; to work with like-minded people of a similar age, gain experience in a number of roles for a number of exciting small businesses and to get paid for the privilege. Like most graduates coming from the blurry haze of uni I had no idea what I wanted to do in the real world, I just knew I wanted to work in business… Whatever that means! When Catalyst was brought to my attention I just knew I had to apply, the opportunity to experience a number of different job roles in a number of industries provided me with the perfect stepping stone to make an informed decision about my career. I worked mainly in sales roles from the get-go which I suppose was a given - since I have always been considered an outspoken extrovert, or as others may say ‘a big mouth northerner’. But it wasn’t all cold calling and mass mailers, the companies I worked with sold high tech digital services or SAAS if you will. It was always a steep learning curve but in the relatively short time I was with these companies I learnt so much about digital marketing, SEO, social selling and content marketing and it really put me in great stead to move onto the next step. My recommendations to, not only recent graduates but to anybody who feels they are in limbo about their future post-university is to not forget about the world of start-up businesses. There are thousands of exciting opportunities with micro businesses out there that offer you a flat management structure and accountability which, in my opinion is vital to personal development. Catalyst can facilitate the transition from university or travelling into a number of roles and opportunities within great micro businesses in a range sectors.

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