First day nerves and lots of goodbyes

As the old team go back to their studies, or on to jobs, I have a lot of first days with the new team ahead. I love seeing the nerves, excitement and rabbit in headlights expression – so keen to make a good first impression, remember every name and demonstrate how right we were to give them a place on the team. The simple, honest, enthusiasm is contagious, the remaining Catalyst team members are reminded how they felt when they started, and hopefully of how much they are enjoying their role and the senior members of the team also share the energy, a new school term buzz is going around the office! The flip side is saying goodbye to the ground breakers – the first ever Catalyst team – who took a risk on a year’s work experience with no reference of what it might encompass, we interviewed from March 2014 when we had no clients, no defined proposition and not enough desks. They all saw what Catalyst could be, or maybe we just blagged it well in interview – but we couldn’t have been the success we are without their support. The University of Sussex placement, final year and graduate students all threw themselves into new projects, methodologies, technologies and collaborations with enthusiasm, building a network of knowledge within their team and the Sussex Innovation Centre Support team along with contacts, references and tangible experience. I have seen personal and professional development in each one, I can’t wait to see where their careers take them and I will miss them all.

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