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Shine is a hair and beauty salon based in the heart of Brighton. They are currently looking to expand their work into the area of entrepreneurship, and Shine’s owner Jonathan has devised the Shine Bar, a new shampoo product in the form of a traditional soap bar.

Catalyst Team member Noi carried out some initial market research for the Shine Bar, sourcing retailers who may be interested in stocking the product, and finding out how they choose new items to stock. This research process was extended, and Noi carried out a competitor analysis of similar shampoo-bar products already on the market.


This initial research proved fruitful, and a focus upon small, independent retailers was subsequently recommended. This led to further research into the independent retail sector, further assisting Shine Bar’s progress into the market.


Catalyst’s work on this so far has opened up potential avenues for further collaboration, with talks of a website redesign currently in the pipeline.

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