BSc Psychology with Business and Management

Sam is currently a Psychology with Business and Management undergraduate at the University of Sussex, joining the 5th Catalyst Team for his Placement Year.  Sam’s past work is made up of a range of different experiences, from working in offices at Clyde & Co. law firm and Aon Insurance, to working behind the counter at local butchers. In addition to these experiences, Sam has shown some entrepreneurial spirit by making a few attempts to venture into the business world, through taking small ventures such as selling his DJing services, as well as selling personalised T-Shirts in his local area. Many of these experiences have built him valuable skills which he hopes to use to add to the Catalyst Team to success. 

Outside of the University and the workplace, Sam enjoys a variety sports including football, golf, skiing and many more, which gives him a chance to bring out his competitive side, so be aware. Besides sports, Sam enjoys socialising and attending various music events with friends as well as going on adventures across the world taking in different cultures and enjoying all the wonderful foods they have to offer.

Sam is thrilled about all the opportunity to work with a great team on a variety of projects and businesses in a range of industries, so he can build on his knowledge from his past studies and apply them to make an impact on small businesses around the area of Brighton and Croydon. He anticipates that these skills and experiences learnt at Catalyst will help him in setting up his own business in the future. 


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