Rhys Baker

BA Journalism

Having graduated from the University of Sussex with a first-class degree in Journalism, Rhys decided that he wanted to apply the blend of academic and practical skills he had acquired into a new and exciting field outside of his comfort zone. Welsh-born and Oxford-raised, Rhys moved to Brighton to be situated in a cosmopolitan and creative media hub, with a vibrant music scene, and reputable University to study as an undergraduate.


While at University, Rhys completed a voluntary year abroad in Vancouver, Canada and travelled to China to complete an internship with a Beijing start-up app, called Fun Guide Beijing. Initially hired as an editorial assistant, it wasn't long until he realised that his real drive was growing the business through editorial strategy, and thus his passion for working within the start-up domain began.       


A budding wordsmith with a passion for the written word, and a digital jack-of-all-trades, Rhys has an enthusiasm for content creation. Alongside his studies, he has worked across public institutions, publications, and the music industry – with companies such as the BBC, British Council, Tru Thoughts, and Secret Garden Party. Outside of work, Rhys is a music enthusiast – collecting records, hosting events, and writing about all things music. He also hosts a fortnightly radio show and regularly contributes to local music platforms as a freelance writer.


With long-term aspirations of starting his own company, Rhys aims to gain a greater understanding of how start-up companies operate by being a member of the 5th Catalyst Team, while simultaneously bringing a unique contribution to the team due to his journalistic background.  


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