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Race Nation is a new generation technology platform for mass participation sports events, facilitating registration, e-commerce, tracking, timing & wearable tech.



Will started working with our team as soon as he moved in back in 2015, initially with Jack Clark to support event and platform management as the business started to grow. Since then we’ve helped with event mapping, business development and data management – through Olivia, Ben Holt and Ben Savill. 



Race Nation immediately appreciated the value of our team taking on tasks that aren’t the best use of the senior teams’ time, but are essential for strategic growth, as well as the flexible nature of the engagement, combining a regular block of time with additional hours as needed.


We continue to be a resource for sales support, event mapping and event attendance.


"RaceNation have worked with various members of the Catalyst team over the last few years and are very happy with the support provided. We have given them a varied task list, ranging from sales prospecting, new business, admin, reporting, client set up and relationship management. All members we have worked with have been quick to pick up our business and have moulded very well with the rest of the team, especially with us having offices and staff in multiple locations. I would definitely recommend the Catalyst team to any company that needs cost effective support, without the risk of a full time hire that startups and small businesses can sometimes do without." - Will Golder, Head of Sales 



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