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​PropellerNet are search engine marketing and web site optimisation consultants. They have an award-winning Academy for in-house learning and sharing and have been named a top ten UK workplace by the Great Place To Work Institute for the last three years.

This role involved supporting PropellerNet with a commercial client campaign – launching a campaign for SportsShoes Trail Running to encourage more people to enjoy the far-reaching benefits of trail running.

​Leah conducted in-depth research into how trail running improves mental well-being, particularly during winter months, including the benefits of natural environments and meditative aspects.
The findings were then compiled and pitched to the Digital Consultant and incorporated into the campaign.

In 2016 Noi spent three months working on a client website project, tracking user journeys, key words and terminology. We are also lucky enough to be able to borrow their meeting room for team meetings every now and then!

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