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One Research are communications specialists who work in the field of clinical research, helping to recruit pools of volunteers to participate in clinical trials. Trials are often delayed at huge cost due to difficulties in recruiting patients who fit the criteria of the trial, and One Research help to solve this problem.


Joseph initially supported One Research as part of a Wave2-funded project in 2014. After the senior support team had met with Alastair and Nick to discuss what was holding the business back, they identified a key issue around communicating what they offered to the pharmaceutical industry and CROs – the two main customer groups that organise clinical research programmes. As a result, One Research became the first member that we engaged in a white paper project – conducting interviews with several high profile experts in the field, and writing up our findings into a report highlighting some of the biggest issues facing the clinical research sector. As well as writing the white paper, Joseph also helped to promote the findings to media, including securing a feature in the industry-leading publication Pharma Times.


More recently Joseph has been helping the company to refine their messaging, with a view to designing a new version of their website. The current content isn’t doing a great job of highlighting the benefits they can offer their customer groups, so Joseph facilitated a series of workshops to get to the bottom of their key sales messages, and drivers that can compel their target customers to get in touch. At the moment we are in the middle of turning the resulting messages into content for the new site, and mapping out the customer’s journey in order to provide a brief to a web development agency.

ONE Research have published a White Paper - Improving Standards of Patient Recruitment and Retention in Clinical Trials. The full paper can be read here

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