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Based at the University of Sussex, Multicriteria Mapping (MCM) is an academic initiative providing interactive, multicriteria appraisal methods for exploring contrasting perspectives on complex, uncertain and contested issues. 


The current project is developing and distributing the multicriteria mapping appraisal technique as a web-based tool. It aims to help 'open up' technical assessment by systematically 'mapping' the practical implications of alternative options, uncertainties, different perspectives and values.

Coordinating with academics and SINC colleagues, Catalyst Team member Luke oversaw and helped facilitate the process of bringing the MultiCriteria Mapping software tool to market. His role involved the following:


  • Researching and familiarising oneself with the MCM tool and the subject of multi criteria decision making in general.

  • Utilizing Photoshop and Mailchimp to design a targeted email campaign. 

  • Coordinating with SINC PR and Communications to assemble a comprehensive media list.

  • Latterly, those who had signed up with MCM were interviewed to understand any potential product improvements and areas that could be looked at.

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