Meena Sadasivan

BA Politics

Meena is a recent Politics graduate from the University of Sussex who joined the Catalyst Team with the hopes to connect and support businesses whilst developing professional experience. Additionally, Meena aims to bring her commitment to purpose into the Catalyst Team and her clients which she has grown through her time at university academically as well as part-time work and extracurricular activities. Through Meena’s degree, she had uplifted the voices of marginalised groups in British Politics with her recent dissertation focusing on the Black Power Movement and its impact on British Race Relations. Her degree had allowed her to enhance ability to develop opinions and ideas, written communication and analytical skills.

Alongside her academic studies, Meena had demonstrated an active interest in activism in various ways. She had been involved in societies such as Decolonise Sussex whereby she had helped organise ‘privilege workshops’ as well as appeared on the societies’ radio show, ‘Decolonoise’, discussing the importance of decolonising of the university curriculum. Furthermore, Meena was Social Media Manager for BAME Society, a newly founded society focused on creating a safe space for students of colour on Sussex campus. One of her bigger projects was her podcast show with her friends called ‘The WoCness Podcast’ which aimed to vocalise the intersectional experience of six women of colour.

Meena has worked various part-time jobs from representing the university as student ambassador to working in fashion and food retail. Such roles had contributed her strong interpersonal skills and her ability to work well in a team. However, she was able to introduce the element of purpose to her recent previous job in leading Diversity and Inclusion talks at Waitrose and John Lewis Partnership. This involved both management and staff to create a more inclusive and comfortable working environment for all with the element of raising awareness. In the future, Meena hopes to venture into creative opportunities and to uplift underrepresented talent and voices.

Outside of work and commitments, Meena is a massive lover of cats (and animals in general) and looks forward to being an owner of many pets. She enjoys some fun on the weekend from brunch to cinema or even a random tiktok activity.

Meena is excited to begin her career, delve into various projects and learn more about the inner workings of business.

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